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Paper food packaging
noodle box
take away box
pasta box
sandwich box
sushi box
cup sleeve
paper tray
ice cream cup
Plastic cutlery
PP cutlery
PS cutlery
cutlery set
silver cutlery
CPLA cutlery
paper straw
plastic cups&plates&containers
plastic food containers
portion cups
injection PS plates
Blister plates
wooden cutlery

Products List

16oz square noodle box | 16oz square noodle box with handle | 16oz round noodle box | 26oz round noodle box | 26oz square noodle box | white paper food pail | 26oz round noodle box french style | 32oz square noodle box | paper cup sleeve | 100% recycled paper cup sleeve | paper pasta box | Pasta paper box | kraft paper noodle box | paper sandwich box | paper sandwich wedge | take away food box | 1500ml take away food box | take away food box | 26oz kraft lunch box Deli box | kraft paper lunch box | 67oz deli take out box paper take away box | 92oz paper lunch box deli box | 26oz take away food box | Paper sushi tray with window | paper sushi box window box | | paper window box | paper sandwich box | paper coffee sleeve | paper fry tray | Paper tray for chips | paper boat tray | paper boat tray | 26oz square noodle box with handle | 16oz round noodle box | paper soup cup | paper bowl 650ml | paper food bowl 850ml | PP 2.5g plastic cutlery | Individually wrapped plastic cutlery | Heavy weight plastic disposable cutlery | Mediun weight PP cutlery | S600 PP plastic cutlery | M100 plastic cutlery | colored Yogurt spoon | Pizza stack | Pizza tripod pizza stack | mini PP fork | PP small spoon | 2.8g Pp fork | 5.4g PS cutlery | 2-2.4g PS cutlery Medium weight | Medium weight PS | Heavy weight K500 cutlery | 3.6g medium weight PS cutlery | premium PS cutlery | PS mini spork | A700 medium weight PS cutlery | 3pcs school kit spork kit | 2pcs cutlery set | 2.8g spork kit | 2pcs fork napkin kit | 5pcs cutlety kit | Airline cutlery set 7pcs | 4pcs plastic cutlery kit | Heavy weight PS 6pcs kit | 2.5g PP cutlery kit 6pcs | plastic cutlery retail pack 25pcs | Medium weight PS cutlery S200 | 12oz paper soup cup | 26oz round food container pasta box | 3.5oz ice cream cup | Kraft noodle box | 9oz icecream cup | paper gift box take out box | 8oz take away paper gift box | take away paper cup tray | paper coffee clutch coffee sleeve | 8oz noodle box with handle | 16oz noodle box | 26oz(780ml) noodle box with handle | 16oz green noodle box | solid red take away box | paper cake box | soup cup sleeve | 16oz take away box for fruit seeds | 7.2cm paper sandwich wedge | Heavy weight PS silver cutlery with design | heavy duty silver cutlery | Halloween take away box with cutout | pumpkin lantern halloween box | 26oz noodle box with plastic handle | plastic colorful cups | plastic plate | 5oz plastic cup | 7oz plastic cup | 9oz plastic cup | PLA cutlery Biodegradable products | paper straws 6mm 7mm 8mm | 2oz portion cup sauce cup | 4oz sauce cup portion cup | 4.25oz portion cup sauce cup | 7.35 round PS plate | 7.5 PS plate round | 10 round plate | 10.2 PS plate injection | Heavy duty PS cutlery 5g series | 3.7g PS cutlery | 2.8g PP cutlery series | 4.2g PP cutlery | Virgin PP 1.8g cutlery | 3g PP cutlery | 197*6mm paper straws white | paper straws | black paper straws | wrapped paper straw | PLA straw | 2.5g PP Chinese soupspoon | 6 CPLA cutlery 3.5g series | 6.5 CPLA cutlery 100% biodegradable | 7'' CPLA cultery 4.5g series heavy duty | 4 CPLA spoon 2g small spoon | 5 CPLA spoon 3g | 24oz round PP food container with lid | microwave plastic food container | compartment plastic food containers take away | plastic food containers with 3 compartments | 500ml chinese take out food container | 650ml chinese take out plastic food containers with lids | 750ml take out plastic lunch containers | rectangle 1000ml plastic take out food containers | #1 kraft paper lunch box | #1 kraft paper lunch box | 0.75oz sauce cup with lid portion cup | 1oz plastic portion cup with lid | 3.25oz portion cup with lid | 16cm disposable wooden cutlery | #5 paper lunch box deli box |

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